I’m writing this testimonial to share my great experience with Tammy Fogarty.  I recently became interested in practicing yoga, I had about three months of classes with someone but wanted to try someone new to experience a different style of yoga.  I love Tammy’s style; I call it “pretty yoga” as she is strong and graceful at the same time. She corrected my form, explained everything simply, but in detail, so I could understand and get the full benefits of every movement. Tammy is really comfortable to practice with; she’s patient, fun, and encouraging. I would recommend  anyone, at any level, to practice  with her. But be ready to work hard, push yourself, and be open to whatever your body needs because Tammy will find it and work on it with you.  She’s amazing, I love her ….after every class I felt good, motivated, and grateful to have someone care about me and my practice.

Tammy is also one of the nicest, most genuine people I know. You will love her good energy.
Erica Morgan

March 23, 2017