The Nutrition Collective the place to be to live a healthy & happy life you will love

col·lec·tive \kə-ˈlek-tiv\

of, relating to, or being a group of individuals

marked by similarity among or with the members of a group

The Nutrition Collective provides expert nutrition advice through online seminars to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Receive the necessary tools to achieve your health goals through nutrition education and a collaborative effort of like-minded individuals. The Nutrition Collective brings together a community of people striving to meet a similar goal. Together, the group empowers and motivates each other to achieve a lifestyle that promotes health, vitality, and happiness.

WARNING: Health has been known to cause happiness.

By joining The Nutrition Collective you may experience side effects such as

weight loss

a healthy relationship with food

increased physical activity

feelings of happiness

reversal of diseases

realization that diets suck and you don’t need them

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This is how The Nutrition Collective can help you


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Have you ever thought of meeting with a nutritionist but haven’t had the time? Are you having a hard time locating a nutritionist near you? Perhaps you are just not ready…

Have you have told yourself “I just want to lose a few pounds on my own before I sit down with a nutritionist”? Do you are feel uncomfortable discussing your weight loss challenges and weaknesses when it comes to food? Perhaps you lack motivation…

Sound familiar? If so, you are in the right place because I have the perfect opportunity for you; it is called The Nutrition Collective.

I developed The Nutrition Collective after observing an interesting phenomenon with my clients. I realized that some of my clients were not always forthcoming about their dietary habits and some felt uneasy discussing their relationship with food. Heck, no one wants to talk about what they are doing wrong and I understand that sitting in front of a health professional can feel a bit intimidating.

Often time nutrition takes a back seat to other obligations, such as family and work responsibilities. I get it!  I really do. I received every good excuse why my clients had to reschedule or would cancel appointments however my clients read my blog posts, they love to share my recipes, they like every picture I post to Instagram. And, most importantly, they are more open about their nutrition goals, challenges, and success on social media. The wonderful world of social media allows my clients to choose the nutrition advice they wish to receive when they want to receive it. And this, my friend, is why I created The Nutrition Collective for you.

Here is how The Nutrition Collective works

The Nutrition Collective is a series of nutrition seminars that promote a healthy lifestyle. You can choose from a variety of topics that suit your interest and will help you achieve your goal. The nutrition seminars can help you kick your sugar habit, conquer your food cravings, and maintain a healthy weight. And you get to do this all from home. It’s simple, convenient, and you get all the same information you would get from a consultation in my office. Except better! Here’s how it works….

  1. Sign up for any Nutrition Seminar that interests you.
  2. You will be re-directed to a website to set up your unique username and password.
  3. Once you sign-up you will receive access to my expert nutrition advice through a series of videos, chats, workbooks, recipes, and more. The good news is that once you sign up you will ALWAYS have access to this information. It’s yours…forever! Go back and listen to my advice as often as you need.

But wait, what if you have questions? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

You will also get access to my private Facebook group where you can collaborate with other individuals striving to achieve similar goals as you. From the Facebook group, you will get to

  1. Interact with others that will motivate and empower you to reach your goals
  2. Receive motivation and support from me each week
  3. Get recipes and tips to keep you on-track
  4. Share your successes with the group. In turn, you will motivate others to follow in your healthy footsteps.

Not only will you get access to my private Facebook page, you will also be invited to participate in Live Q&A sessions with me and other members of The Nutrition Collective.