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 In a perfect world, you can eat the foods you love, lose weight, and be healthy.

But what if you could do just that?

It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, your diet should be perfectly imperfect by eating your favorite food AND achieving your health and wellness goals.

I take the guesswork out of eating healthy by providing simple and effective strategies so you live a healthy and happy life you will LOVE by using real food to get real results. 


Tammy Fogarty Nutrition & Wellness offers a variety of nutrition services including private consultations, medical nutrition therapy, and personalized nutrition plans to achieve weight loss, health, & wellness.


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The Nutrition Collective

The Nutrition Collective

Are you up for a challenge? Heck yea you are! Join other like-minded individuals striving to be healthy, lose weight, and take control of their health one bite at a time.


Tammy Fogarty, PhD, RD

Hi friend! Are you tired of dieting and chasing the latest & greatest food fad? Wouldn’t you rather use real food to get real results? Well, you came to the right place! I am so happy you decided to do something healthy for yourself and came across my website so let me take a moment to introduce myself to you.
I am a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist with over 18 years of nutrition experience. Feel free to browse my site and Nutrition Blog; it’s loaded with expert nutrition advice and healthy recipes. And, don’t miss the best part…my FREE resources and online nutrition programs.
My passion is to help individuals understand the healing powers of food in order to achieve  health, prevent disease, and restore balance. REAL LIFE + REAL FOOD = REAL RESULTS. Let me help you change your life one bite at a time! Click here to read about my journey and why I became a nutritionist.
Happy Healthy,

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I’ve known Tammy for several years – we actually became friends before anything else.  I initially sought some casual nutrition advice because I wanted to make sure that I had a well-balanced diet, especially since I do not eat red meat nor do I eat poultry.  Tammy recommended creative recipes to increase my protein intake and was full of information to “tweak” my already clean diet.

Then, in July of 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Tammy was one of the first people I called and she was absolutely amazing!  Not only was she always there for me as a wonderful friend, but she immediately started to help me with my nutrition, knowing the toll that chemotherapy, surgery and radiation would take on my body.  With Tammy’s advice and guidance, I was able to support my immune system and get through one of the most difficult challenges my body ever had to endure.
I recently attended a workshop and learned even more about nutrition and what works for my body.  During the workshop, Tammy was very much aware of the group’s diverse palette and was also realistic in her suggestions.
I would highly recommend a consultation with Tammy…your body will thank you.


March 21, 2017

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